Part of the brief history of Pantranco
It all began with the vision of an American named Albert Louise Ammen with his friend Max Blouse. Both shared the idea of
putting a transport company and they decided to start in Dagupan Pangasinan. Both saw that the province “Pangasinan” will
someday become the center of business activity in Central Luzon.

They took the opportunity to organize Pangasinan Transportation Company (
PANTRANCO) as a passenger and cargo
transport on November 3,1917. It was then incorporated on January 14,1918 operating with six (6) buses with the main
terminal in Dagupan.

Later on,
PANTRANCO was sold to an American entrepreneur Frank Klar, a retired provincial treasurer of Pangasinan. With
the help of his son-in-law Don Rafael Gonzales, he expanded the operation by way of buying other transport companies that
are losing money. He reinvested and reformed its management to consolidate them into
PANTRANCO operation. He
purchased and acquired the Rural Transit to cover the Tarlac and Nueva Ecija area.

As the year swiftly passes by, people from neighboring provinces clamor and requested
PANTRANCO to extend their
operation so that their economic and social activities can be uplifted, including travel and transport of goods from place to
place. This gave
PANTRANCO management the opportunity to purchase and acquire other franchise to start a full blast of
express buses along its franchise routes.

At the outbreak of World War II, the company suffered its first setback. Its buses were turned over to the U.S. Military forces.
After the war, despite the setback,
PANTRANCO resumed its operations using several converted 6x6 trucks and some Ford
trucks in its fleet. To regain its glory as a strong contender, admired, loved and respected company.

Complement with the extensive road network of Pangasinan, Dagupan quickly became a city with
PANTRANCO as its main
transport system. Credit largely to the late Governor Daniel Maramba. As a governor, he built the roads that connected
Western Pangasinan to Dagupan and also improved the road in the Eastern town that made travel to Dagupan much easier.
Economic and social progress of a community depends on the efficiency of their transport system. The extensive road
network of Pangasinan and the birth of Pangasinan Transportation Company “
PANTRANCO” are the two great factors
responsible for the rapid growth of Dagupan.

Later on,
PANTRANCO acquired the Three Brothers Transport Company to cover the whole province of Bataan and
Zambales. Continuous expansion leads to the acquisition of both the Cagayan Valley Transportation Company and the La
Mallorca-Pambusco Company with its franchise.

In July 11,1968,
PANTRANCO inaugurated its Manila terminal at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Quezon Boulevard,
Quezon City. It then became the central hub for the transport of people and goods from Manila to the whole Central Luzon
upto the Southern part of the Philippines.

With its efficient, honest and prompt service,
PANTRANCO quickly earned the love and respect of the riding public. It
became the biggest transport company and was also considered the “King of the Road” for many, many years until it
encountered inside and outside anomalies.
The company became the Pantranco North Express Incorporated (PNEI)
under new management.

Unfortunately, at the peak of its operation, the company was beset and beleaguered with colossal problems that caused its
apparent downfall in 1985.

The government sequestered its properties and some suppliers even sued the company. Thousands of the riding public,
who have experienced, admired and respected the company, could not believe at what had happened. They can’t believe
that it just vanished and without knowing the real reason. Probably one day, the knowledgeable riding public can contribute
to supplement the historical background of the company.

The company was physically destroyed. Until an energetic entrepreneur and dynamic businessman from San Quintin,
Pangasinan, Rufino Lim Co, with his common sense and wisdom, foresee the spirit of
PANTRANCO still remain standing,
intact and alive. With
divine intervention, he began the Herculean task of reviving the once highly regarded and esteemed
transportation company.

Mr. Co could not bear to see
PANTRANCO fade into oblivion. It has a glorious beginning and a meritorious achievement in
serving public interest. Deep in his heart, he will not allow such deterioration to happen. A prestigious pride of the Filipinos,
specially every Pangasinanese, for it has influenced the lives of the people.

Rufino Co bought the franchise on January 1995. With a new vision of greatness, he is inspire to once again place the
PANTRANCO on the transport map and transform it to be great again under his dedicated and unselfish leadership.

His travel to the US, Europe and China to attend the International Bus exhibits had provided him with a strong conviction and
determination that
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the best solution for improving our country’s transport system and
environment. His desire to revolutionize and change the image of our country's transport industry will become the sign of a
healthy nation.

He set his mind towards his foresight and vision. He observe that the transport business activity of the present bus
companies in the country lack the driving force, unwillingness to invest in new technology, to support the government’s
clamor to private transport operators to help reduce the use of diesel, which is the main cause of pollution that affects the
environment and people’s health.

The clean air act is now a law and the Malampaya project is our government flagship to reduce the importation of diesel
which would benefit our monetary reserves.

Therefore, as a private investor, Co consider it is his social duty and obligation to assist our government plans and policies
for the benefit of our people and country.

    Soon PANTRANCO will roll on our streets again towards a new HORIZON with a renew vigor and
    vision to help in developing and stabilizing our economy. Making our country an admirable,
    peaceful and safer place to live in.

    Let us all join hands to make this project a success for the welfare of all Filipinos.

    Clean air . . . Safer world . . .

Recently, Mr. Co has put up a company called HEROES at Home Employment Agency. An agency that would assist in
creating jobs (employment) for our people. An arrangement is being made, coordinate and discuss with the Armed Forces of
the Philippines to support their “Transitional Assistance” program. This will create jobs for the retirees, dependents and
family, as a priority to support the
PANTRANCO operation and it's subsidiary companies.

This is “
Where it begins” . . .
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